ProVitamina E Oil Jamieson

11 Apr

Alright. We can thank my brother for the inspiration for this post.

My younger brother currently works the night-shift at a automotive plant, and the other night he went and accidentally head-butt one of their robotics and came to me with this lovely cut on his head. Great. Thankfully he doesn’t need stitches, but just some tlc and proper healing care.

After I cleaned his wound, I dabbed on a small amount of ProVitamina E Oil by Jamieson. Its pure vitamin E oil that has in the past helped me with healing many different cuts, as well as fade the look of the scars afterwards.  In the summer, when a burn starts to peel, I’ll mix some Vitamin E Oil with some sugar and use it to exfoliate any flaking or peeling skin. I’ve also used to on my healed tattoos to help bring out the colour and make my skin smooth. When I wax my brows, its useful to keep the skin calm by dabbing a little bit around the brows, it also helps remove any leftover wax.

Between Bio Oil and Polysporn, nothing has worked quite as well as my Vitamin E Oil. It’s less expensive and unlike its straight competitor Bio Oil, its light enough to not clog my pores and cause pimples.


Overall, I give ProVitamina E Oil by Jamieson

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